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Ascot Globe

World’s of Exploration

Royal Ascot appointed e3 to create an unforgettable online experience to promote Royal Ascot, one of the most prestigious horse racing events on the global calendar. Our brief was to unlock the hidden and untold stories of Royal Ascot, from famous horses, jockeys, Michelin star chefs to Royal Ascot’s most loyal customers.

With Royal Ascot holding so many inspiring stories from over 50 years, our vision was to intertwine this history with latest technologies to allow website visitors to explore a world of content in a 21st century online experience.

History of Ascot
History of Ascot 2
History of Ascot 3
History of Ascot Map

Unlocking the Hidden Stories

UX teams were allocated to work along side Ascot’s internal teams to collate, discover and strategise how and which stories would be told.

Number Twelve Horse
Preview of The Ascot Globe.
Drawing of Women on Ascot Globe

An Unforgettable Experience

The untold stories would be presented through an unprecedented hand-made globe, one which would create the setting for the ‘World of Royal Ascot’.

Globe Homepage
Globe Homepage 2
Globe Homepage 3
Horse Eye
Mobile Version of Ascot Globe

Exploring A New World

The hand-crafted globe was transformed into hand-crafted code by our design and development teams, this provided a fully interactive website experience.

Jockey Buttons
Stories Page Example
Story Page Example
Mobile Version of Ascot Globe
Woman of Ascot
Mobile Version of Ascot Globe Mobile Version of Ascot Stories Mobile Version of Ascot Globe With Compass

Connecting With A Global Audience

The untold stories provided an unforgettable experience for website users, yet it didn’t end there. Visitors were also able to re-write history leaving their own untold stories.


Royal Ascot had a key ambition to create an immersive, highly memorable and engaging digital experience in the run up to Royal Ascot. The website and digital strategy would feed into a wider above and below the line campaigns targeting potential customers who wanted to attend the prestigious event.

The project had to be delivered in a 10-week window to ensure the campaign could be launched 3 months in the run-up to the event, therefore time was of the essence across all specialisms within e3.


Creating a linear website that provided an obvious approach was something our teams wanted to avoid at all costs, even though time frames were so narrow. Our teams set to work designing, prototyping and testing concepts of how we could turn the spectacle of the globe into a digital solution.

This approach involved e3’s user experience, design, development and video production teams to blend all media’s into one. This was in no way an easy task, however, through commitment, research and sheer ability, the teams delivered ahead of the deadline.


The outcome of the Royal Ascot digital experience was a remarkable success story. With such a huge vision in such little time, our teams delivered against the odds, providing website visitors a never before seen experience.

The result of the Royal Ascot campaign website increased ticket sales for Royal Ascot by over 19%, allowing Royal Ascot to activate their brand across social media, PR and paid media, driving traffic into the website experience. Combining a beautifully hand-made globe into hand-crafted code and mesmerising interface design provided one of the most memorable digital experiences we have created to date.


  • Strategy, UX
  • Art Direction
  • Website Design
  • Video Production
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile Development