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Work. Ascot Racecourse.
Ascot Racecourse

Like nowhere else

Redefining the Ascot Racecourse digital experience was a brief that involved all areas of e3’s expertise, from UX, strategy, design, through to development. The ambition of our teams was tangible, their vision was to harness the enchanting experience a visit to Ascot Racecourse provides, taking these elements online to provide a compelling, memorable and highly engaging website experience.

Ascot Racecourse Homepage
Ascot Racecourse
Ascot Racecourse Mobile
Ascot Racing
Ascot Racecourse Events
Ascot Racecourse Events
Ascot Racecourse King George Ascot Racecourse King George Ascot Racecourse King George Ascot Racecourse King George

Unlocking the Ascot experience

Through stunning interface design and crafted code, our teams were able to revolutionise Ascot’s website and user experience.

Ascot Racecourse
Ascot Racecourse Restaurant
Ascot Racecourse Restaurant Mobile
Ascot Racecourse Restaurant Outdoors
Ascot Racecourse Venues
Ascot Racecourse Fine Dining
Ascot Racecourse Fine Dining

A taste of class

Moderation never came to the forefront when creating the Ascot website experience, we wanted to bring the opulence of their hospitality forward through intelligent design.

Ascot Racecourse
Ascot Racecourse Fashion What to Wear
Ascot Racecourse Big Hat
Ascot Racecourse Fashion Mobile
Ascot Racecourse Fashion What to Wear Ascot Racecourse Fashion What to Wear
Ascot Racecourse Gentlemen
Ascot Racecourse Ladies

Image is everything

Providing storytelling page designs to deliver website visitors a clear guide to the venue etiquette, executing an exploratory online user experience.

Ascot Racecourse Horses
Ascot Racecourse Plan your day
Ascot Racecourse Plan your day Weather Ascot Racecourse Plan your day Google Maps Ascot Racecourse Plan your day Travelling
Ascot Racecourse Horse
Ascot Racecourse Race Times Mobile
Ascot Racecourse TV News

An Integrated experience

Delivering an end-to-end experience for Ascot customers was a key part of our vision, from what to wear, weather updates to parking, removing the anxiety from their day was key.


Ascot Racecourse came to use with a very unique challenge, they had a best-in-class venue with global brand recognition. however, their digital presence was far behind where they wanted it to be.

With years of legacy content, legacy functionality and overwhelming amounts of content, our teams were challenged to completely reconstruct the Ascot online experience.


Simply redesigning the Ascot website was not the answer, our UX teams needed to spend good time researching and planning the customer journeys, customer road maps, and also to understand the 16,000 Ascot product variants on offer.

Once the blueprint was defined, our design and development teams got to work building a leading website, integrating seamlessly into Ascot’s back of house systems and infrastructure, whilst providing a stunning mobile experience.


The Ascot Racecourse relaunch was a huge success, with 21.32% year on year increase in revenues generated through the platform and 26.38% year on year increase in average session duration.

The new website provides Ascot a foundation to grow their digital estate, something of which we have worked on with Ascot since launch, providing in-depth and ongoing UX, CRO and user analysis to ensure the website performs against commercial objectives.


  • Strategy, UX
  • Art Direction
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Payment / Booking API
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Online Marketing

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