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Joseph Holt.

Putting the spirit
into spirits.

Joseph Holt appointed e3creative to strategise, design and build a brand new iOS and Android app that would connect all of their customers from pubs around the UK together.

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The Joseph Holt app was designed strategically to break the boundaries of user interface design, providing users a completely new mobile app experience.

Pouring pints
like a pro.

Joseph Holt was a creative playground for our UX, design and development teams, the brief allowed our teams to build fun, action-packed, and engaging games and features within the app. From pub quizzes, learning to pull a pint, to nationwide interactive leaderboards. Using latest app technologies, the app was strides ahead of market competition.

Getting people involved.

Bringing people together within the app was a key consideration of the brief. Utilising native camera calls and camera roll integeration, users from pubs across the United Kingdom were able to connect, share photos and create memories within the app at a touch of a button.

Tickling those taste buds.

With Joseph Holt offering over 60 varieties of ale, choosing your favourite drink is no easy task. With the integration of the Joseph Holt taste test, finding your perfect hop couldn’t be easier.

Feeling at home.

Using geo technology, the mobile app was built to find the nearest pub to your location within seconds, allowing you to get to the bar even quicker!

The teams that
made it happen.

The Joseph Holt mobile app is a true example how to break expectations of what can be achieved within an app project, through leading UX design, pioneering development, and stunning interface design the outcome was a great success. We owe our teams a cold one after this performance.

  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Design
  • UI / Front end
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing

Download app: App Store / Google Play Store

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