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Fable Legends

A Legend Is Born

We were approached by Microsoft’s Lionhead studios to propose and conceptualise an immersive and enchanting new website design that would form the basis for the release of their latest XBox game - Fable Legends.

The website was to provide gamers from around the world the opportunity to explore interactive game content, game features, and to allow website visitors to explore the mesmerising worlds of Fable.

Landing Page
Large Ogre
Activity Feed

Bringing Gamers Together

Our vision was to design a website that would allow gamers across the globe to interact and join together as a community sharing the anticipation of the game release.

Game Scenery
Fable Homepage
Fable Mobile
Game Entrance

A Platform To Explore

Within the concept works created, we delivered a seamless mobile experience, one that would allow gamers to access rich and interactive game content on-the-go.

Large Ogre Fight Full Width
Character Selection Page
Character Information Page

A Storytelling Experience

Bringing the characters from the game to life was a must within our approach. e3’s UX teams had the vision to allow website visitors to explore all aspects of the game with ease.


Lionhead Studios had a very clear vision for the website which would promote the release of the new Fable Legends game. The vision was to ensure ‘community’ and ‘exploration’ were at the core of all decisions within the design and UX stages of the project.

The website needed to provide website visitors with endless opportunities to explore, whilst also bringing visitors together to share their thoughts and insights on the game release, building a sense of hype, excitement and anticipation.


Our UX and design teams spent valuable and copious amounts of time researching the story of the game, understanding the deep and complex storylines that existed within the narrative of the game. Once this research was complete, our interface teams were able to conceptualise the art direction we wanted to take.

Utilising the stunning and world-class design assets that Fable Legends had available we were able to produce a mesmerising website concept that would provide an instant impact to those visiting the website for the first time.


Although the Fable Legends XBox production was cancelled by Lionhead Studios, and although the works were not used commercially, the interface design produced by e3 was certainly something to keep in our war-chest of production highlights.


  • Strategy, UX
  • Art Direction
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Design