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Harnessing the perfect blend of creativity and strategy, we created a mockumentary-style video for, that simultaneously delivered brand awareness and customer engagement whilst intelligently incorporating mobiles overall brand message; selling market-leading phones at the lowest prices.

No Drama Campaign

The Heist

How We Did It

Inspired by seminal TV & film genres, three short videos were produced with a central ‘No Drama’ theme aligned to mobiles overall brand message. The videos delivered an impeccable blend of humour, through mocking serious situations, driving mobiles commercial message to the target audience in a non-intrusive manner.

Brand Colours


Brand Typography

  • Compton Light
  • Compton Light Italic
  • Compton Bold
  • Compton Bold Italic

adaptive Branding

Using bright and energetic colours, the campaign branding was designed to be noticed. Colours were used subtly across each video to tie the campaigns together, creating visual unity for the audience.


no drama


no drama


no drama


no drama


An empty warehouse provided the perfect blank canvas setting to bring our creativity to life. With a huge emphasis on lighting, props and styling, the space was transformed into three unique environments, bringing each video to life and conveying the cinematic nature of the campaign.


Our Art Directors and Creative Directors were responsible for delivering a faultless combination of creativity and innovation, ensuring all videos demonstrated flair, style and cinematic vision, without feeling staged. RED cameras, known for their stunning RAW footage, were used to shoot all three videos, giving us greater scope when moving into post production.

Casting &
Makeup Artistry

A rigorous casting process was conducted to ensure actors aligned perfectly to each character, while costume and makeup stylists were selected with equal tenacity; their skills and expertise complemented each genre to ensure authenticity was achieved.

Activating the campaign

The humour, tone and media choice for the campaign created a perfect fit for social media, with easy-to-share and easy-to-consume content.

Images of the social media activity on Facebook and Twitter to support the campaign

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