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Sony PlayStation, a brand recognised worldwide for its innovative and fearless approach to gaming, commissioned e3creative to create a digital platform and strategy for its official merchandise offering in Europe.

PlayStation Gear Flow PlayStation Gear Flow

The Final Product

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PlayStation Gear Flow

How We Did It

Whilst adhering to Sony PlayStation’s established guidelines, we harnessed our expertise and creative flair to craft a platform that is as visually striking as it is performance driven. We focused on detail, planning each user journey in line with established target personas, and over-layed with uncompromising designs to bring the platform to life across Europe through activating intelligent and data-driven strategies.

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Brand Typography

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PlayStation Gear Step 1

The Plan

We planned for every eventuality to deliver seamless user journeys site wide, outlining every single website feature, page content placement, and user flows before putting pen to paper.

PlayStation Gear The Plan
PlayStation Gear Step 2


Digital wireframes were created to show our vision for the site, detailing image, product and content placement.

PlayStation Gear The Wireframes
PlayStation Gear Step 2


Putting the user and their needs first by creating intelligent and interactive features to ensure memorable online experiences.

PlayStation Gear The Wireframes PlayStation Gear The Wireframes PlayStation Gear The Wireframes PlayStation Gear The Wireframes PlayStation Gear Pointer
PlayStation Gear Step 2

Making it simple

Not losing sight of the purpose of the website, by keeping user choices simple ensured the website could also deliver on a performance level.

Keeping It Simple
PlayStation Gear Step 2

Beautiful UI

We incorporated inviting UI throughout the platform to engage each user without overwhelming them with choice and too many decisions; each segment of every page displays one-by-one, complete with striking animations.

PlayStation Gear Beautiful UI


Each page on the PlayStation Gear website is the perfect combination of creativity and interactivity, while adhering to Sony’s brand guidelines. The visually inviting layout keeps user engaged in the content, keen to explore more, and in turn driving towards purchase decisions.

PlayStation Gear Homepage

feature pages

Combining the intricacies of search and the creativity of design, our featured brand pages showcase what the PlayStation Gear platform has to offer within organised brand categories.

PlayStation Call Of Duty
PlayStation Gear Step 2

making it happen

Upon completion of the website artwork stages, our development teams were challenged with bringing the website application to life. As an agency our coding standards are what we are recognised for, both in terms of cleanliness and quality, yet also for speed, security and overall scalability. With the PlayStation Gear platform launched across multiple territories and in multiple currencies, the platform needed an intelligent bespoke code base that would allow the platform to scale and grow over time.

The outcome of the development stages of the project were just as we planned, a sharp, sophisticated, secure and ultimately usable platform. Our project management teams implemented a fully agile project management approach, creating manageable sprint plans for both the teams and client with quality assurance channels built in throughout. Our development teams ranging from database engineers, UI developers, back-end developers, to system architects brought to life a truly remarkable website platform.

Fully accessible

Creating a website that pushes design boundaries, yet remains easy to use, is where we excel. The PlayStation Gear website is no exception, accessible across all devices, including all Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads and, of course, the PS4 console.

meeting the target audience

The platform combines the needs of gaming veterans as well as gaming gifters, through immersive content and information for those that want it, and easy paths to purchase for those that don’t.

PlayStation Gear Step 2

Marketing Strategy

PlayStation Gear Icon 1 Territory Role Out

Launching a website across three territories simultaneously, while considering a 30 territory roll out within the first 12 months, requires complex planning of technical elements and scalable strategies, including seamless translation integrations, content localisation and omni-channel tactical management.

PlayStation Gear Icon 1 Traffic Activation

We employed an omni-channel digital strategy to deliver aggressive results from the offset, ensuring all potential customer touch points across identified demographics across Europe were considered, from organic and paid search tactics to content creation, behavioural based email triggers and data management.

PlayStation Gear Icon 1 Finding The Website

Ensuring the PlayStation Gear website could be found from the point of launch across search engine results pages for branded and non branded search queries required diligent application of search techniques, including schema markup and href language tags, on-page optimisations, and value-adding non-duplicated content across products.

PlayStation Gear Icon 1 Driving Sales

Driving sales remains the core objective, achieved through robust user flows, intelligent upsells through the activation of related products, and clear paths to purchase.

PlayStation Gear Icon 1 Audience Understanding

The customer is at the heart of the journey and, for us, creating a symbiotic engagement between user and product is vital, regardless of whether they are a hard-core gamer or a gifter. We combined human insight with innovative thinking to create an inspired, tailored user experience, that we refine constantly in line with user interaction across the site.

PlayStation Gear Icon 1 Behaviour Analysis

Committed to delivering results and never losing sight of the purpose of the website, our creative action and decision-making is always thoroughly informed by customer feedback alongside actual user behaviour to ensure that the path to purchase is as easy and seamless as possible, with blockers to conversion addressed consistently.

The End Result

With an effortless design, a seamless user journey, and a robust marketing strategy, the PlayStation Gear website is taking the gaming world by storm.

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