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More than Just a Magazine

Transforming the world's longest running entertainment magazine into an online digital platform was a thrilling task. We were appointed to strategise, design and build Starburst Magazine into an immersive world of digital content that would allow their global audience to go from print into web.

Our teams had a vision to provide a stunning visual interface, one that would captivate users and encourage exploration through the rich layers of website content, from reviews, trailers to podcasts.

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From Print to Screen

Our teams had a strong ambition to ensure that the enjoyment of reading a printed magazine was carried online through an editorial design approach.

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Starburst On-the-go

With so many magazine subscribers familiar with reading on-the-go, it was essential that our teams applied a mobile first approach to the design and build of the website.

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Driving Exploration

Through the development and design of stunning interactive features such as movie trailers and podcasts, website visitors were provided with an immersive magazine experience.


Starburst Magazine is the world’s longest-running entertainment magazine. Their ambition was to provide their global reader base with the ability to access Starburst Magazine online through a truly engaging website platform.

The main challenge was to ensure that the heritage and authenticity of the magazine were not lost online and that readers could see a clear signature of the magazine through the website interface and recognisable user experience. A key challenge within the project was migrating all legacy data and content from the previous website ensuring it was a key consideration within the new interface design.


The Starburst Magazine was a dream project for our UX, design and development teams. With many of our teams huge Marvel fans, it was a privilege to work with such great assets and visually rich content.

Our teams wanted to ensure they provided an impactful, rich, and exploratory playground of content that would allow magazine readers to read Starburst Magazine like never before. The website was to be fully accessible on all devices, from a tablet, mobile through to desktop, with tailored designs and UX for each device accordingly.


The result for Starburst Magazine was a huge success, with many loyal Starburst Magazine readers now able to access content digitally, whilst also able to subscribe with ease through the magazine e-commerce subscription functionality.

The milestone of success from the project was the large improvements e3’s development teams made to the content management system that powered the website, allowing the teams within Starburst to upload content, publish and preview content, plus the ability to manage subscriptions all within the admin interface.


  • Strategy, UX
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Payment Gateway Development
  • Mobile Design
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