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14th March 2019

Dribbble: Manchester design meetup #3.


6.00pm: Arrival

7.00pm: Design Talk

8.00pm: Open Discussion

9.00pm: Event close


14th March 2019


e3creative, 5th floor,
Queens House, Queen Street,
Manchester, M2 5HT

Attend Event

Manchester Dribbble events are hosted by e3creative quarterly, bringing together members of the creative sector to indulge in a few drinks and grab a couple slices of pizza. Come to meet your creative counterparts, embrace innovation, provoke new ways of thinking and discuss professional breakthroughs or pain points. Our Dribbble events are just like the popular social media platform; open to all digital artists and equally suited to students, and those at the beginning or peak of their careers.

At this event, we’ll discuss happenings in the industry from trends in typography to emerging ways to gain creative inspiration. It can be challenging for designers to apply their original ideas with guidelines in web accessibility and brand books, sparking demand for more uniform digital designs, yet there is still an expectation for designers to produce work that stands out and performs exceptionally well. Simon Fairhurst, Head of Design at e3creative, will lead a talk on drawing the line between gaining inspiration from another designer to cloning their creation with examples from top brands.

Once creative juices are flowing throughout the room, Simon will facilitate an open discussion for the event attendees to contribute their thoughts and converse amongst each other. With Dribbble being a key avenue for inspiration, we’ll discuss its many uses from being a vantage point for influential designers to establish themselves to whether or not the popular, polished designs on the platform are realistic or produced purely to provoke thought.

Prior to the event wrapping up, people in attendance will have the opportunity to showcase their designs or work in progress and gain feedback from fellow designers in the room. Work can be presented from the designer or put on the screen anonymously - if you’d like to participate, please RSVP to Valerie at prior to the event.