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10th April 2018


This event has now passed

Grass roots training is essential in removing the skills shortage within the digital sector. As part of our Mara Foundation working along side the Youth Factory Zone, Kids Code Club provides the younger generation the chance to step into the digital world.

Our latest series of Code Club was an action-packed afternoon, providing the ability to make a banana milkshake with a twist! The kids were taught foundation level code to combine all of the delicious ingredients of a real American milkshake through a keyboard and screen!

The Banana Milkshake class was taught by 5 of e3creative's leading developers, testers and managers, to gain a foundation understanding on what it means to code, how the internet works, and how internet pages are made. The Youth Factory zone provides endless opportunities to children and teenagers who may not have the privileges that are sometimes available to others, our Code Club compliments their offering and mission by driving youngsters into career and educational opportunities they never knew existed.

From June 2018 e3creative will be developing an educational curriculum for all of those that attend Code Club, with advanced sessions for those of higher ages and skillsets. The curriculum will be providing children and teenagers within the Youth Factory Zone a set framework to progress, apply their learning, and leave Code Club with a badge of honor. Stay tuned for our next Code Club highlights.