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21st May 2018

Mobile: Native vs hybrid development meetup.

This event has now passed

e3creative launched a discussion series, exploring the digital sector and how it is shaping our future, with the first event centred-around mobile development hosted in our Manchester city centre creative studio.

The evening brought together thought-leaders for an inclusive roundtable discussion on the future of mobile hosted by e3creative Account Director Katy White. Conversations were flowing on topics relating to defining a project scope and formulating a team, to project management, testing, delivery, and maintenance. The active discussion was steered by our Technical Manager James Higgins and Project Manager Alba Iglesias with points of views raised from both perspectives and how they relate to hybrid and native approaches.

Conversations transpired on how to best cast a team for a project by evaluating what skills and resources are required throughout the build from architectural planning through to security and maintenance. With the digital skill-shortage in the north, the room spoke about working as or recruiting for a specialist position versus utility coders, and the challenges associated with each. Participants in the roundtable debate, representing the perspective of startups, students, enterprises and agencies, all came to one conclusion - the chemistry within the team is the most important prerequisite in structuring the roster. In both hybrid and native projects, attitude and accountability of players are deemed to be traits of higher importance, triumphing, over sheer talent.

The group brought up management structures and referred to a flat model, highly emphasising build ownership, shared across all roles and levels of an organisation in the project, with cross-skilling considered a key tactic towards a successful output. There was a debate on whether it is best to always adopt a strict agile approach on all projects, or whether combining elements of waterfall and establishing a bespoke way-of-working reflective of the build’s timeline, team and client preference is a better plan to achieve results.

Those in attendance referred to the benefits of training web developers on hybrid frameworks, such as Ionic and React, to pool knowledge and create a collectively stronger team. Echoing that unicorn or e-shaped developers, defined as experts in all areas in their field, are only born with industry cooperation via practical on-the-job training in an environment where mistakes can be made, solved and learned from. The room noted, strengthening the skills of craftsmen is a strategy to fulfill future-and-present skill vacancies in-house, achievable through businesses allocating the time and resources to incentivise learning and queue-up coders on emerging code languages and frameworks; combating the digital skills shortage by meeting the growing demand of apps and creating a sustainable foundation to innovate and service a thriving part in the digital industry.

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