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Event: Manchester Dribbble Meetup at e3creative.

Valerie Lalonde

31st May 2018

Manchester’s first Dribbble Meetup is being hosted by the design team at e3creative in our city centre studio, aiming to bring the active online community to life.

Dribbble is the top social network globally used by designers and creative professionals to gain inspiration, feedback, education, community, and job opportunities. With the same vision of connecting people, Dribbble Meetups have spread like wildfire across the globe with events ranging from casual, five-person get-togethers to 200-person extravaganzas. Thousands of creative-types attend Dribbble Meetups each year, so we decided to host our own.

The creative scene in Manchester is thriving and digital technology is trickling in and activating artwork in new and unexpected ways. e3creative designers are seizing the opportunity to host the very first Dribbble Meetup in the city and discuss the state of the industry with their creative counterparts. Head of Design at e3creative Simon Fairhurst will kick-off the evening with an inspirational presentation and, following, he will lead an open discussion on design trends, practices, tools, and emerging styles. This event will be held in a relaxed setting for designers to casually connect, share or learn trade insight and discover new opportunities.

Join us for a summer social event and a chance to mingle with other craftsmen over food, beer, wine and soft drinks, and then walk away with some great swag.

Date: 19 July 2018

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Location: e3creative, 5th floor of Queens House, Queen Street, M2 5HT

RSVP: If you’re able to make it, please let us know by emailing