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e3creative Agency Away Day.

Valerie Lalonde

12th June 2018

Collaboration is a cornerstone of our business. As an integrated agency, teamwork is ingrained in our culture with every role reliant on the next in order to spark innovation and craft pioneering digital products; respect for the value each role brings is vital towards achieving our overall goal. To keep this positive dynamic in the agency we recognise the importance of taking a step back from the day-to-day doings, leaving the screens behind and connecting, as a team, in a personable way. Full agency away days bring team members out of their shells by partaking in group activities they wouldn’t normally do, and this playful approach to partnership unites new friendships or reaffirms longstanding ones.

On e3creative’s most recent day out, we ventured out to the countryside for a range of activities including axe throwing, archery and segway rides. These activities are proven to reduce stress, promote focus, improve communication amongst individuals, builds trust and strengthen team chemistry. Founder and Managing Director of e3creative Jake Welsh said:

“ Often, when businesses refer to their aspirations, they mention a growing employee headcount or turnover, however, that will never be the case at e3creative - the focus as we grow is achieving excellence across everything we do. We’re a talented team that thrives on the satisfaction of creating something great and taking time away from the daily grind, together as one group, is important to reward commitment, uplift culture and inspire new ways of thinking.”

As an integrated agency, e3creative is founded on the principles of making the impossible to possible and our dedicated teams keep those value alive every day. The designers at e3creative are digital artists that approach solutions from a different perspective, concentrating on the aesthetic, to create an impact that visually resonates with audiences. Coders bring the vision to life by breathing functionality into the designs with interactive elements and an organisational structure that’s live on a sharable platform. Our UX and digital marketing teams are so intertwined they’re often shaped into one unit focused on perfecting usability, performance and commercial return, ensuring the all creative and technical components are developed strategically to achieve objectives. All specialities operating collectively in-house act as an unstoppable force.

There is an active community at e3creativethat people are proud to be a part with regular outings outside of the workplace arranged by our social committee, in addition to self-organised clubs, and fitness and wellness groups.