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Spotlighting Exceptional Youth.

Valerie Lalonde

22nd October 2018

e3creative and The Manchester Youth Zone teamed up to host an awards gala to celebrate the efforts and achievements of their young members.

The #ThisYouthCan ceremony was held on 11th October 2018 and featured awards across 15 categories. Family, friends, support workers, business and community partners and members of the council attended the event to acknowledge these exceptional young people in a special way.

Accolades were given to a range of young people for conquering fears, volunteering, going above and beyond, demonstrating resilience whilst overcoming personal obstacles, being a team player, positively impacting the community, and transforming their future prospects through employment or educational training. There were also several awards for thriving in the centre’s programmes, maintaining positive mentor and mentee relationships and inspiring other members by taking on an ambassador role with the Manchester Youth Zone.

From its facility in Harpurhey, North Manchester, The Manchester Youth Zone supports young people aged from 6 – 19, up to 25 with additional needs. The centre is located in a ward ranked 2nd worst in England for the effect of long-term deprivation on children, where 48% of families live below the poverty line and the unemployment rate is over double the national rate. The Manchester Youth Zone provides young people with opportunities to make constructive use of their leisure time, raise their aspirations and choose a positive, independent lifestyle.

These awards have been designed around their unique members to raise their aspirations and confidence, whilst providing encouragement as they continue building positive relationships and following a constructive path.

Leading up to this event, e3creative produce a series of videos spotlighting the journey of 6 youths that have transformed their lives with The Manchester Youth. A pre-screening of these videos were displayed on a large projector screen at the ceremony and they The Manchester Youth Zone will release them to the public over the next 6 months.