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The Factory Youth Zone & e3creative Join Hands.

Valerie Lalonde

15th February 2018

e3creative is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Factory Youth Zone, an independent charity, working with young people throughout Manchester. Together, our vision is to inspire ambition and foster skills for a brighter future.

The Factory Youth Zone provides a unique and safe place for at-risk youth, giving them access to sport and creative activities, with roughly 1, 000 young people visiting the centre each week. Their services provide a constructive outlet for leisure activities, whilst laying the foundation for an independent and healthy lifestyle. Through exposure to new opportunities, their members develop practical skills, gain confidence and a newfound drive to succeed, easing the transition into adulthood.

Following a recent visit to The Factory Youth Zone and seeing first-hand the impact it is having in the community, especially in the lives of local families, e3creative did not hesitate to get involved - investing in people is ingrained in core values and this is the perfect outlet to further our reach. The venture is now being enthusiastically backed agency-wide, through this 3-prong approach:

  • Coding Club - e3creative is launching a computer- lab at the youth centre with over a dozen newly-refurbished Apple iMac computers with software for general use and coding. The technical teams at e3creative have committed to running a regular coding club to teach their members technical skills and how to develop for the web, mobile and desktop applications.
  • Wave Their Flag - The Factory Youth Zone has become a client of e3creative and receives complimentary support from our integrated digital agency to develop their brand and creatively share their story. Through digital campaigns, case studies, videos, testimonials and press releases, more people will discover their programs and become connected as a member or supporter.
  • Financial Support - To upkeep the daily runnings of The Factory Youth Zone, as well as innovate new activities, financial contributions are heavily relied on. e3creative has committed to donating a recurring monthly sum calculated by their board to meet their growing needs.

The Factory Youth Zone is located in one of the most deprived areas of the UK, where the unemployment rate is more than double the national average and 56.2% of children live in poverty. Through this new partnership, we’re furthering the efforts of The Factory Youth Zone to support vulnerable youth with new opportunity and developing transferable skills.