Global brand manufacturer PZ Cussons reveals digital marketing strategy.

Manchester’s PZ Cussons is the overarching brand behind some of the world’s most purchased products from the Carex hand washing range to St. Tropez, Sanctuary Spa, Imperial Leather soap and beyond. The investigative team at Platform toured their headquarters to get an inside view into their overall operations and how digital fits into it.

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is comprised of products consumers purchase daily from the supermarket or pharmacy that are generally inexpensive and designed for a short shelf life. These essential items are often placed in the marketplace by FMCG enterprises with a portfolio of brands. Similarly to Unilever and Procter & Gamble, PZ Cussons is the manufacturer and parent-company to some of the world’s most loved brands. 

Following a low margin and high-volume business model, the FMCG industry is known to be extremely competitive and PZ Cussons is thriving in it generating over £800 million in revenue per annum.

Global Digital Director of PZ Cussons Paul Morris sat out down with us to outline their strategy.

“What we’re actually seeing a lot in FMCG at the moment is the uprising of starter brands and really the rise of eCommerce for brands that are specially focused around a consumer need.

Sometimes there’s a real challenge that you’ve got some globally recognised brands but you’ve got some great start-up brands and it’s how do you make your brand resonate and connect with consumers, clearly we’ve got size on our side and we are quite an agile company but equally there are lots of start-ups that are even more agile so it’s how do you deal with that in the marketplace.”

From Manchester, PZ Cussons position their network of brands in the global market.

“ Particularly from the central global team, working in partnership with the global brand team, we’ll put brand guidelines together, ecosystems, that we’re about to play in to about how best to communicate with consumers. Then, we’ll hand these frameworks over to the local teams whether they’re in Nigeria, Indonesia, Australia, etc. but we very much give them the remit to tailor and run with that and tailor that, since they’re the ones that best know their own target markets so within those frameworks, they can they innovate everything from community development to campaigns to content.”

Unifying all of the brands produced by PZ Cussons is a strategic framework, known as ‘G.O.O.D’

“ The G is around ‘Gravitas’ so it is around the brand and how can you really know and trust the brand. Then you’ve got ‘Openness’ which is around audience engagement and influencers and how can you engage in that level. The next o is about ‘Outreach’ so it’s about the distribution and promotion of your content so how can you do that from a brand perspective via channels like paid social, taboola, outbrain, Google. And then ‘Distribution’ that’s the flip side, that’s more from a consumer perspective so that’s building on areas like authority, like how can you build authority to your website and then how can you build and facilitate social proof so that’s everything from blog comments and likes to before it hits the market how can your build some persuasion and get people to believe and share that content.”

PZ Cussons attribute their success to earning consumer trust.

“ Everyone talks about trust but what constitutes trust? And this is the key part for me. It is really made up of 5 elements; credibility, reliability, intimacy, self-orientation and then emotion.”

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